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The 2nd Europe-Iran Forum

June, 2015

The 2nd Europe-Iran Forum will be held at the Grand Hotel Kempinski in Geneva, Switzerland on September 24-25, 2015.

This world-class business event will gather global leaders for keynote speeches, panels, and networking opportunities devoted to Iran’s post-sanctions investment and development.

The organizer is BHB Emissary, an Iran-focused business diplomacy company, which successfully organized the 1st Europe-Iran Forum in London, United Kingdom in October 2014.

The event will gather 150 leading executives from financial institutions and major multinational corporations from Europe, Iran and worldwide.

The 2nd Europe-Iran Forum has three primary goals:
1. Increase mutual knowledge of commercial opportunities and industry dynamics between Iranian and global financial and commercial firms;
2. Develop protocol and best practices around trade and investment strategies;
3. Enable “business diplomacy” and empower the finance sector to better influence the agenda for normalized and constructive relations.

Why it is important for top Iranian companies to attend:
• Thought-Leadership: To be globally recognized as a leader in the industry, with proven expertise and the ability to attract international interest;
• Legal Insights: To find out from US Treasury and OFAC experts about the latest and evolving post-sanctions regulatory landscape;
• Networking: To meet with industry counterparts from Europe, the United States, and Far East markets, who are interested in doing business with Iran;
• Fact-finding: To learn from European leaders and decision makers the most current views and perspectives on Iran, and the outline of post-sanctions   strategy;
• Pioneering: To be a leading ambassador for Iran’s industry and commerce and to steward future economic growth.

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