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As part of our services in addition to our periodical reports, we prepare and publish individual reports on various subjects related to Iran´s economy and current affairs.

Iran's Sanitary Ware Market

July 15, 2017 What the ceramic sanitary ware industry produces is one of the major interior fittings in all buildings across the world. Today the industry in question is making special headway thanks to technological advances. The ceramic sanitary ware sector, which has more to do with the appearance, has always been one of the key industries associated with the construction sector in Iran. It should be noted that the advances of the sanitary ware industry have helped eliminate some of the diseases the human body develops ergonomically [ergonomic hazards]. That’s why many countries across the globe, including Iran, are seeking to improve the quality of their sanitary ware products. Read More

Iran's Pharmaceutical Market

July 15, 2017 As a main healthcare input, the pharmaceutical sector has a standout feature which distinguishes it from other sectors in Iran’s healthcare system. Drug costs and related medical fees in Iran and a number of other developing countries account for around 30 percent of overall healthcare costs and about 50 percent of outpatient therapies and healthcare costs. This has prompted governments to pay special attention to pharmaceuticals which play an indisputable role in public policies. The government in Iran is no exception. Read More

Iran's Medical Device Market

July 15, 2017 On average, the medical equipment market accounts for 2.9 percent of the overall health costs in Iran and 0.29 percent of GDP on an annual basis. The market size of medical equipment in Iran can be compared with that of the United Arab Emirates which, according to global standards, is at a medium level. Iran’s per capita medical device expenses are virtually identical to Iraq’s and are far below global standards. Iran has taken remarkable measures to walk down the path to self-sufficiency in manufacturing medical equipment, but currently it imports the lion’s share of medical devices it needs from other countries, especially those of the European Union. Read More

Iran's Hospital Industry

July 15, 2017 In most developing countries, coexistence of traditional information systems and various health information systems exposes managers and investors alike to a wealth of information which barely meets their needs. As a result, only a fraction of the trove of information in question is actually used in decision making and in assessing the efficiency of healthcare and hospital systems. Read More

Iran's Cosmetics Market

July 15, 2017 This report is meant to take a look at the state of cosmetics market in Iran. The first part features a brief reflection on the culture governing the use of cosmetics in Iran, why people opt to use cosmetics at all, and the change of the public perspective on cosmetics. The second part reviews Iran’s latest demographic statistics and women’s share of the population as the main customers of cosmetics in the country. Read More

Iran's Construction Materials Market

July 15, 2017 This report reviews both the housing market and the building materials’ market and analyzes in detail almost all main building materials used for constructing a building. To make it convenient for readers, we have divided the report into two parts: building materials and interior finishes and fittings. The building materials include: 1- Cement, 2- Plaster, 3- Ceramic tiles, 4- Bricks, 5- Lime, 6- Glass, 7- Sand, 8- Bitumen, 9- Other materials such as [piping and plumbing] fittings (pipes, hoses, fittings, etc.), 10- Building stones, and 11- Building paint. Read More

Iran's Agriculture and Animal Farming Market

July 15, 2017 Over the centuries, agriculture has been the economic mainstay of different communities, serving as a source of revenue and employment. In developing countries, agriculture is still viewed as important and plays a crucial role in economic growth and development. Recent years have seen the emergence of fast-growing mutual dependence among world nations. Although the pace of industrial growth is mind-boggling, the progress in the agriculture sector is nowhere as fast as industry. In international trade, the agriculture sector’s share of GDP is meager. This is particularly important for developing countries which can secure the inflow of foreign revenues in their transactions with other countries if they boost their agricultural sector. Read More

Iran's Air Conditioning Market - January 2017

Jan 15, 2017 Iran is the second largest economy in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region after Saudi Arabia. In 2015, Iran’s GDP stood at almost $400 billion. A country of 80 million, Iran is the most populous nation in the region. Its economy is mostly driven by hydrocarbon resources, and the government maintains a considerable presence in the production and financial services sectors. The country has the second largest natural gas reserves in the world. It is in fourth place in global rankings when it comes to possession of crude oil reserves. Read More

Iran's Automotive and Automotive Parts Industry - January 2017

Jan 15, 2017 The present report, has been prepared with the aim of providing the readers with an overview of Iran’s automotive industry. It also examines car production, exports, and imports as it identifies the industry’s key players. This report analyzes what has been envisioned in the country’s Sixth Development Plan to expand the automotive industry, the approach the industry adopted in the wake of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action [the 2015 nuclear deal Iran struck with P5+1], and gaps between realities on the ground and the objectives laid out in the Sixth Development Plan. Read More

Iran's Photocopy Machines Market - January 2017

Jan 15, 2017 Today business machines are a very important and necessary tools in all firms and institutions, both public and private. No doubt, the absence of these machines would create a deep gap in paper-based communications and exchange of information. In light of the fact that the industry that produces business machines has taken a great leap forward and developing countries turn to pre-owned machines rather than importing the latest products of international giants in this field, the present report focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of the photocopy machine market in Iran and on how often members of the public and companies make use of this modern technology. Read More

Iran's Oil and Gas Refining Industry - January 2017

Jan 15, 2017 The industry that handles the refining and distribution of oil products involves various processes, including production, imports, exports, storage, transfer and distribution of billions of liters of products in non-stop operations as part of a network as vast as the entire area of the country – its import-export points included. This industry supplies more than 40 percent of the energy consumed around the country. Read More

Iran's Tire Industry - January 2017

Jan 15, 2017 In Iran some 15,000 people are directly employed by factories which produce tires. Government’s failure to pay attention to their conditions and support them would translate into definite trouble for such a large number of workers involved in this industry. Read More

Iran 2017 Economic Forecast

Dec. 15, 2016 This report presents 2017 Economic Forecast of Iran. This is an essential report for business entities and individuals, who do business in Iran or planning to enter the Iranian market. In this report a complete economic, political, and foreign policy of Iran are analyzed and assessed. The purpose of this report is to project the main economic indexes of the Iranian economy for the years 1395 (the 12 months to March 19, 2017) and 1396 (the 12 months to March 19, 2018) based on our assessments and assumptions. Read More

Chabahar to be Key Regional Trade Region Linking Iran to the Indian Ocean

May 29, 2016 An annual conference of the Indian Ocean Rim Association or IORA has recently been held in the Chabahar Free Trade Zone with the presence of 21 countries. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani, and Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani attended the event and signed a key agreement to develop the Iranian port of Chabahar in a way that trade would be accelerated between India and Afghanistan through Iran. Read More

A Look at Economic Activities of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC)

Feb. 6, 2013 The Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) is a military unit that was founded after the 1979 Iranian Revolution by the direct order of Ayatollah Khomeini to safeguard the revolution. Read More