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Our intelligence reports are unique resources dedicated to anyone who is interested in Iranian business, political or economic subjects. This wide-ranging and extensive coverage of the Iranian market allows us to analyze and forecast the economic and political risk and business environment of Iran.

At present Vistar Business Monitor issues general intelligence publications, news & analysis publications and analytical publications on the subjects of the Iranian economy, business and current affairs. Subscribers receive the subscribed publications via email when a new issue is out.

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Financial Market Analysis Weekly Publication

The Financial Market Analysis Publication offers subscribers the latest analysis of the Tehran Stock Exchange, OTC market, debt market, etc. including all sectors. The report includes tables and graphs for each related analysis. The report covers the following topics:

  • TSE weekly analysis;
  • TSE fundamental analysis;
  • Technical analysis of the Total Index;
  • Analysis of industrial sectors;
  • Stock whispers;
  • Short news of companies and industries;
  • Stock picks and related fundamental and technical analyses;
  •  Important technical and analytical tips of stocks and sectors;
  • OTC market analysis;
  • Fixed income martet analysis.

A paid subscription brings you weekly issues of the pdf report every week. We deliver our prospective clients with 48 issues of weekly publications per annum. To subscribe to our weekly publication please click here.

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$24750 for 6 months
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