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Our intelligence reports are unique resources dedicated to anyone who is interested in Iranian business, political or economic subjects. This wide-ranging and extensive coverage of the Iranian market allows us to analyze and forecast the economic and political risk and business environment of Iran.

At present Vistar Business Monitor issues general intelligence publications, news & analysis publications and analytical publications on the subjects of the Iranian economy, business and current affairs. Subscribers receive the subscribed publications via email when a new issue is out.

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Iran Analysis Weekly Publication

This publication is designed for professional people in a specific sector who want to obtain general information about Iranian affairs including politics, the economy, financial markets, etc. as well as information, analyses and intelligence on thier sector on a weekly basis. Our Iran Analysis weekly publication looks at the preceding week, the outlook of the country and the overal environment with a great analytical lens.

First we cover the news highlights of the preceding week. Then we perform macro-economic, political and international relations analysis in three different sections including publishing a macro-economic data table and an events table.

The following three sections are focused on the client's specific sector (the client needs to determine that for us), which incorporate sector's trade news, sector's laws, regulations and policy updates including their implications on the sector as well as sector's market intelligence. In this report we also cover Iran's financial markets; i.e., the equity market and the oil, gold and foreign exchange markets with the most recent data and graphs.

Moreover, we extensively cover the financial news and country risk assessment of the business environment in Iran is a separate section. We have identified several country risk factors, which we alalyze every week. These are very crucial factors for any firm, who is involved in Iranian business. We deliver our prospective clients with 48 issues of weekly publications per annum. Download sample reports. To subscribe to our weekly publication please click here.

Please contact us to indicate your specific sector and final pricing.

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