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Iran's Photocopy Machines Market - January 2017

Jan 15, 2017

Executive Summary

Today business machines are a very important and necessary tools in all firms and institutions, both public and private. No doubt, the absence of these machines would create a deep gap in paper-based communications and exchange of information.

In light of the fact that the industry that produces business machines has taken a great leap forward and developing countries turn to pre-owned machines rather than importing the latest products of international giants in this field, the present report focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of the photocopy machine market in Iran and on how often members of the public and companies make use of this modern technology. The move is meant to pave the way for the arrival of modern equipment on the Iranian market.

Iran Business Machines Company, now widely known as Maadiran, imported the first photocopy machine into the country in the 1960s. Over time the market has boomed. Studies suggest that the market posted remarkable growth in the 1990s when local firms began to represent three international giants, namely Sharp, Toshiba, and Canon. Now these three internationally-known brands have a very good position in Iran.

This report focuses on the existing brands, single and multifunction photocopy machines, market share, importers, and representatives of the brands, and import statistics in the Iranian market. First the market for single-function photocopy machines is presented and then the market for multifunction photocopy machines is elaborated.

Table of Contents
1    Notes    4
2    Executive Summary    5
3    Photocopy Machine Brands on Iranian Market    5
4    Single-Function Photocopy Machines (SFCs)    7
4.1    SHARP    7
4.1.1    SHARP Photocopy Machines in Iran    7
4.2    Toshiba    11
4.2.1    Toshiba Photocopy Machines in Iran    11
4.2.2    Two Toshiba Best-Selling Photocopy Machines in Iran    12
4.3    Canon    13
4.3.1    History of Canon Photocopy Machines in Iran    13
4.3.2    Places Where Canon Photocopy Machines Are Used    14
4.3.3    Who Do Canon Photocopy Machines Suit Best?    14
4.4    Ricoh    15
4.4.1    History of Ricoh Photocopy Machines    15
4.4.2    Ricoh Photocopy Machines    15
4.4.3    Most Suitable Machines for Businesses    15
4.5    Single Function Photocopy Machines Market Analysis    17
4.6    Customs Reports on Imports of Photocopy Machines to Iran    21
4.7    Distribution of Machines from Representative Offices    27
5    Multifunction Photocopy Machines (MFCs)    28
5.1    Hewlett Packard    30
5.2    Epson    31
5.3    Panasonic    32
5.4    Ricoh MFCs    32
5.5    Samsung    33
5.5.1    Services Offered by Sam Service    33
5.6    Brother    34
5.7    Canon MFCs    34
5.8    Highest Sales and Highest Purchases of MFCs    35
5.9    Market Share of New and Pre-Owned Products    36
6    SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis    38
7    References    39

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