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Iran's Air Conditioning Market - January 2017

Jan 15, 2017

Executive Summary
Iran is the second largest economy in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region after Saudi Arabia. In 2015, Iran’s GDP stood at almost $400 billion. A country of 80 million, Iran is the most populous nation in the region. Its economy is mostly driven by hydrocarbon resources, and the government maintains a considerable presence in the production and financial services sectors. The country has the second largest natural gas reserves in the world. It is in fourth place in global rankings when it comes to possession of crude oil reserves.

This report will take a brief look at the air conditioning industry in Iran as well as its players, both local and foreign. Distribution and sales networks as well as statistics on authorized imports of air conditioners, especially as part of the home appliances industry, will be reviewed next. And finally this report will examine the figures released by the Statistical Center of Iran on modern and traditional air conditioning units [that existed in the country] between 1389 [started March 21, 2010] and 1393 [ended March 20, 2015]. We also have an estimated market size and our projection for the air conditioning market in Iran.

Table of Contents
1    Notes    3
2    Executive Summary    4
3    Industry Review    4
3.1    Active Industry Players    5
4    Distribution and Sales Channels    7
5    Market Report    7
5.1    Future Market Trend    16
6    Local Players    17
7    SWOT Analysis for Air Conditioner Market    21
8    References    21

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