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Iran's Hospital Industry

July 15, 2017

Executive Summary
In most developing countries, coexistence of traditional information systems and various health information systems exposes managers and investors alike to a wealth of information which barely meets their needs. As a result, only a fraction of the trove of information in question is actually used in decision making and in assessing the efficiency of healthcare and hospital systems.

That is why this research tries to explore in detail the hospital industry, which is the main component of Iran's healthcare system. First, the overall condition of healthcare is previewed and the role of hospitals, clinics, etc. in it is explored. The focus will then shift to the number of hospitals and other healthcare centers and what conditions need to be met before such facilities are allowed to be established. The number of hospital beds and analyses in this regard come next. These too are followed by an analytical look at the insurance system and health insurers in the country. The treatment fees different hospitals charge are also touched upon later in this report. And in conclusion, the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats facing the hospital industry in Iran are analyzed.

Table of Contents
1    Notes    4
2    Executive Summary    5
3    Introduction    5
4    Healthcare Market Size    6
5    Units Providing Healthcare in Iran    8
5.1    Service Providers in Cities    9
5.2    Service Providers in Villages    10
5.3    Service Providers on a National Scale    10
6    The Procedure to Establish Private Medical Institutions    11
7    Number of Hospitals, Clinics and Polyclinics across the Country    13
7.1    Hospital Beds    16
8    Health Insurance System in Iran    19
8.1    Work Procedures and Contracts between Insurance Institutes, Organizations, or Agencies with Health Centers Run by Private Sector, Charities, etc.    21
8.2    Who Gets Health Insurance?    23
8.3    Items Not Covered by Insurance Company (Exceptions)    23
8.4    Insurance Organizations in Iran    24
9    Hospital Fees (Approved by the Ministry of Health)    25
9.1    Maximum Fees to be Charged by the Government, Private, and Non-Governmental Public Sectors    25
9.2    Hoteling Fees in Hospitals in 1395 Approved by the Ministry of Health    26
9.3    Share of Primary Insurance Companies    28
10    Statistics on Activity of Hospitals Run by University of Medical Sciences in Iran    28
11    Iran Demographics and Healthcare Needs    30
12    Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of the hospital industry    33
13    Problems Private Hospitals Deal with    34
13.1    Insurance companies    34
13.2    Ministry of Health and Medical Education    35
13.3    Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs    35
13.4    Iran Medical Council    35
13.5    Legal Medicine Organization    35
13.6    Social Security Organization    35
13.7    Emergency Medical Service    36
14    Investment Opportunities    36
15    Conclusion    38
16    Notes    38

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