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Iran's Medical Device Market

July 15, 2017

Executive Summary
On average, the medical equipment market accounts for 2.9 percent of the overall health costs in Iran and 0.29 percent of GDP on an annual basis. The market size of medical equipment in Iran can be compared with that of the United Arab Emirates which, according to global standards, is at a medium level. Iran’s per capita medical device expenses are virtually identical to Iraq’s and are far below global standards. Iran has taken remarkable measures to walk down the path to self-sufficiency in manufacturing medical equipment, but currently it imports the lion’s share of medical devices it needs from other countries, especially those of the European Union.

It should be noted that international sanctions have taken a heavy toll on market development and progress in recent years. Pre-nuclear deal political challenges and the existing social problems have hampered efforts by foreign investors to enter the Iranian market, but the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action [JCPOA, the nuclear deal Iran signed with world powers in 2015] has begun to remove those obstacles step by step.

This research explains in detail the status of the medical equipment market in Iran. In its introduction, the research deals with the overall conditions in the market. Different classifications of Iran’s medical devices, rules, and regulations governing price setting in the country come next. Later, the report focuses on the number of enterprises which produce medical devices, taking a closer look at main medical equipment companies in Iran. The report then deals with the production value and the share of the added value the medical equipment industry creates, followed by a thorough analysis of trade in medical devices, including imports and exports. In conclusion, the report analyzes the SWOT matrix and smuggling of medical equipment in the country.

Table of Contents
1    Notes    3
2    Executive Summary    4
3    Introduction    4
4    Medical Equipment Classifications    6
5    Overall Status of Medical Equipment Market in Iran    6
6    Rules Governing Iran’s Medical Equipment Market    7
6.1    Price Setting for Medical Equipment    7
7    Medical Equipment Manufacturers in Iran    8
7.1    Main Medical Equipment Manufacturers in Iran    9
8    Performance of the Multinational Medical Equipment Market (major brands available on Iran’s medical equipment market)    10
9    Production Value of Medical Devices Industry    11
10    Added Value of Medical Equipment Industry    13
11    Trade of Medical Equipment in Iran    14
11.1    Exports of Medical Devices    15
11.2    Imports of Medical Devices    17
12    The Process of Importing Lab devices    20
12.1    How Registered Lab Devices Are Imported    20
12.2    How Unregistered Lab Devices Are Imported    22
13    A look at SWOT analysis of medical equipment market    22
14    Overall Risk and Efficiency Rating of Medical Equipment Industry    24
14.1    Smuggling in Medical Devices    24
15    Investment Opportunities in Iran’s Medical Equipment Market    26
16    Conclusion    28
17    Appendix    28

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