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Iran's Pharmaceutical Market

July 15, 2017

As a main healthcare input, the pharmaceutical sector has a standout feature which distinguishes it from other sectors in Iran’s healthcare system. Drug costs and related medical fees in Iran and a number of other developing countries account for around 30 percent of overall healthcare costs and about 50 percent of outpatient therapies and healthcare costs. This has prompted governments to pay special attention to pharmaceuticals which play an indisputable role in public policies. The government in Iran is no exception.

Over the past quarter century, supply of pharmaceuticals for citizens has been one of the main concerns of the Islamic Republic of Iran. During this period, different things such as the Iraqi-imposed war of the 1980s and economic sanctions have left dramatic positive and negative impacts on the economy and society, but the Islamic Republic of Iran has always given top priority to financing the supply of the medicinal drugs needed in the country even in the toughest of times.

This report tries to present comprehensive information on the pharmaceutical market in Iran. To that end, the introduction of the report focuses on the history of the pharmaceutical industry and an overview of the market conditions in Iran. It also introduces different drug classifications and explains in detail the production process of each group. The general outlines of the industry come next with details on trade, exports and imports of medicinal drugs and their processes.

The report then takes a look at the local pharmaceutical production and distribution enterprises and drug holding companies followed by a SWOT analysis of the pharmaceutical industry in Iran. In conclusion, the report deals with smuggling in pharmaceuticals and the standards pharmaceutical companies should observe.

Table of Contents
1    Notes    3
2    Executive Summary    4
3    Introduction    4
4    Types of Human Pharmaceuticals    6
5    Pharmaceutical Production Trend in Iran    7
6    An Overview of Pharmaceutical Market in Iran    8
7    Pharmaceutical Products Trade    11
7.1    Exports of pharmaceutical products    11
7.2    Imports of Pharmaceutical Products    12
8    Preferential Tariffs in Pharmaceutical Industry    16
9    Active Drug-Making Units in Iran    16
10    Status of Pharmaceutical Companies in Iran    18
11    Pharmaceutical Distribution Companies    20
12    Added Value in Pharmaceutical Industry    21
13    SWOT Analysis of the Pharmaceutical Industry    22
14    Risks Pharmaceutical Companies Face    27
15    Smuggling in Pharmaceuticals    27
16    Pharmaceutical Production Standards in Iran    31
16.1    Process of Issuing GMP, FSC and CPP Certificates    32
17    Iran Demographics and Pharmaceutical Needs    32
18    Status of Raw Materials (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, APIs) Market    34
19    Investment Opportunities    35
20    Conclusion    36
21    Appendix    36

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