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Iran's Sanitary Ware Market

July 15, 2017

Executive Summary

What the ceramic sanitary ware industry produces is one of the major interior fittings in all buildings across the world. Today the industry in question is making special headway thanks to technological advances. The ceramic sanitary ware sector, which has more to do with the appearance, has always been one of the key industries associated with the construction sector in Iran. It should be noted that the advances of the sanitary ware industry have helped eliminate some of the diseases the human body develops ergonomically [ergonomic hazards]. That’s why many countries across the globe, including Iran, are seeking to improve the quality of their sanitary ware products.   

European countries have placed a special focus on the sanitary ware industry. Some countries in Asia too have concentrated their efforts on the progress of this industry in recent years, but most Asian nations are importers of sanitary ware products.

This report takes an analytical look at the status, imports, and exports of the sanitary ware industry, which comprise the following:
1.    Bathtubs and showerheads.
2.    Bath, sink, and basin taps.
3.    Different types of hoses and pipes.
4.    Different types of ceramic sanitary ware such as western style toilets, squat toilets, toilet bowls, etc.
5.    Kitchen sinks, hand or wash basins, bathroom pedestal basins.
6.    Bathroom flooring (floor tiles).

It is worth mentioning that the exact volume of domestic sanitary ware production is unclear. However, it should be noted that Iran’s sanitary ware industry has failed to maintain its competitive market and is now in a slump due to sluggish demand in the housing sector.

Table of Contents
1    Notes    4
2    Introduction and Executive Summary    5
3    Status of Sanitary Ware Market1    6
4    Iran’s Building Sanitary Ware2    6
5    Bathtubs and Showerheads    7
5.1    Exports of Bathtubs and Showerheads    7
5.2    Imports of Showerheads and Bathtubs    10
5.3    Prices and Brands of Bathtubs and Showerheads    12
5.4    Supply and Purchase of Bathtubs and Showerheads    13
5.5    Market Share of Foreign Products and Sellers [retailers and wholesalers]    13
6    Sanitary Taps    14
6.1    Sanity Tap (Faucets) Market    14
6.1.1    Use of sanitary taps in Iran    14
6.2    Exports of Taps    15
6.3    Imports of Taps    16
6.4    Supply of Sanitary Taps    18
6.5    Brands and Prices of Sanitary Taps    18
7    Ceramic Sanitary Ware Products    20
7.1    Sanitary Ware Market    20
7.1.1    Share of domestic and foreign markets    21
7.1.2    Smuggling in sanitary ware products    21
7.2    Exports of Ceramic Sanitary Ware Products    21
7.3    Imports of Sanitary Ware Products    24
7.4    Supply of Ceramic Sanitary Ware Products in the Market    26
7.4.1    Popular brands in domestic and foreign markets    26
8    Hand and Wash Basins    28
8.1    Hand and Wash Basin Market    28
8.2    Exports of Hands and Wash Basins    28
8.3    Imports of Hand and Wash Basins    29
8.4    Prices of Hand and Wash Basins    30
9    Tiles and Ceramics for Bathroom Flooring    30
9.1    Tile and Ceramic Market    30
9.2    Exports of Floor Tiles and Ceramics    30
9.3    Imports of Floor Tiles and Ceramics    32
9.4    Supply of Tiles and Ceramics    34
9.4.1    Share of domestic and foreign markets    35
9.4.2    Prices and popular brands of Iranian tiles and ceramics    35
10    Pipes and Hoses    36
10.1    Exports of Pipes and Hoses    36
10.2    Imports of Pipes and Hoses    36
10.3    Supply of Hoses    37
10.3.1    Share of domestic and foreign markets    37
10.3.2    Popular brands    37
11    A Look at SWOT Analysis of Sanitary Ware Market in Iran    38

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