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Latest on Oil and OPEC

Jan 13, 2015 The market fell more than 4 percent following yesterday’s close, reacting to comments by the United Arab Emirates’ energy minister and a Goldman Sachs report suggesting oil companies could default on debt if barrel prices remain in the $40 range for six months or more. Read more

Crude and OPEC

Nov. , 2014 The crude oil benchmarksextended their recent declines on Tuesday with WTI plunging by over 2 percent for the session. Read more

Oil Back in Focus

Oct , 2014 Oil was back in focus again, falling more than 2% to below $81 for the first time since last week when oil made multi-year lows. Last week, oil, along with the broader market, sold off hard before rebounding sharply, but Wednesday's weakness again brings the commodity back into focus. Read more