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3rd Iran-Europe Forum

Mar. , 2016 3rd Europe-Iran Forum Vistar joins as a proud sponsor of the leading Iran business conference Zurich | 3-4 May 2016 Read more


Mar. , 2016 The recent remarks of President Hassan Rouhani in Yazd confirmed that our analysis was reliable. It was clear that the president was awaiting the public’s vote to use official media, traditionally controlled by ultraconservatives, to criticize the conservative policies which have made citizens unhappy and to ease political and social pressure on citizens. Read more

Unifying the Foreign Currency Rates

Mar. , 2016 Iran had a unified forex rate system between 1991 and 2001 – which was a failure. The Central Bank of Iran, backed by petrodollars, had interfered in the currency market in the past years to keep the rial’s value artificially high. That policy was against interests of exporters as they lost their competitiveness in the global market. In the past couple of years, despite weak oil prices, the CBI continued to pursue that policy in the hope that its assets blocked overseas would soon be released after the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. Read more

Will the Iranian Crisis of Unauthorized Financial Institutions Permeate to Banks?

Mar. , 2016 Dozens of financial and credit institutions are not authorized by the Central Bank of Iran, and therefore are barred from using mangy advantages provided by the regulator. For instance, the unauthorized financial institutions are not connected to the national interbank card switch (SHETAB); so, they need to use the check services available only in banks and authorized institutions to satisfy their customers. Read more