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Semi-Cold War in Syria

Oct , 2015 Parallel to Russian airstrikes against opposition groups in Syria, Bashar al Assad’s Army has made considerable progress in recent days, being able to recapture some strategic areas from militants. Read more

A U-Turn in Rouhani Administration's Economic Policy

Oct , 2015 Last Thursday night, President Hassan Rouhani attended a television program, elaborating on his administration’s performance in the past two years and revealing his new plans for the next couple of years in order to improve business environment. Read more

Iran Can Provide Europe with Gas for 90 Years

Oct 12, 2015 The Financial Times wrote an article on Iran’s energy sector saying that the country has 34 trillion cubic meters of natural gas reserves, which are enough to feed European nations for at least 90 years. Iran is holding the biggest gas reserves in the world, but it has not yet developed its energy potential. Gas production is hardly responding to local consumptions. Sanctions, which have targeted Iran’s energy sector since 2007 affecting the business of multinational companies dealing with Iran, and the country’s legal boundaries in the energy sector (called buyback contracts which are not attractive any more for foreign investors) are blamed for the backwardness of the sector. Read more

Coalition of the East

Oct , 2015 After weeks of speculations, Russians eventually stepped in the Syrian conflicts, striking the positions of opposition groups in the Arab country. Not surprisingly, severe Russian attacks inside the Syrian territories have stimulated regional and global reactions. Read more

The CBI Inflation Report

Oct , 2015 In its second monthly report, the central bank released inflation of tradable and non-tradable in Mordad after its first report of the kind in Tir, giving the signal that the bank has begun to release such reports regularly every month. Read more