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Vistar Business Monitor consulting provides support for companies, individuals and government organizations who are looking to know or increase their understanding and insight of Iran as well as her economic and business environment.

Vistar Business Monitor is a paid-for service consulting. Please contact us to discuss your research or project request. For further information, or to discuss how Vistar Business Monitor can assist your organization, please contact us today.

With years of experience by working and providing business consulting and economic research on Iran, we can offer our clients a wide range of services. With access spanning on key subjects, Vistar offers solutions designed to meet the challenging demands of a broad range of cliental.
Our long involvement with studying and researching Iranian affairs, have accorded us plenty of exclusive economic and business information and data.
Iranian polity and business environment, with numerous policy making bodies and publication of contradictory information by the aforementioned bodies, may appear convoluted. Making sense of the economic and business data is a daunting task, but with decades of experience in Iranian affairs we provide you with the analytical expertise that would enable you to make sense of the Iranian system.
Our seasoned staff members specialize in high value consulting for corporate and government clients. We offer specialized analysis and advice to address specific issues, problems, or concerns for our clients. We maintain extensive local networks in Iran that enables us to gain access insight and client-oriented information on both the micro and macro levels. We offer consulting in the following categories:
Market and business intelligence:

Our customized intelligence on Iranian affairs provides organizations and corporations with information that they need to make key decisions. We deliver our clients with a view of Iranian affairs, business, and markets using existing sources of information to understand what is happening in their related market, what the issues are, what competitors are doing, how customers or consumers are behaving (e.g. social media) and what the likely market potential is for new products or services based on previous activities and responses. We provide our intelligence based on external data, Social media monitoring, and internal data.
Risk assessments:

Our risk assessment service includes country risk, economic risk, political risk, and business risk. Our risk assessment is mainly about the losses that could be arise as a result of the interruption of repayments or the operations of entities engaged in Iran caused by Iran events. Our risk analysis is concerned with the risks of a crisis arising not just from vulnerabilities in the economic and political structure of Iran, but also from external shocks caused by international economic and geopolitical crises.

Our clients receive consulting on their specific business sectors within the current economic and political environment. We assess all the risks involved with their business. In addition, they're delivered with the VBM´s suite of weekly publications ranging from brief event-driven notes to more in-depth forward-looking outlooks.

Business reviews and due diligence:

Business deals and relationships in Iran are increasingly complex, it is therefore necessary to obtain timely and accurate intelligence. For due diligence purposes, public information on a company and its principals is often insufficient, outdated, or difficult to obtain. Due diligence of Iranian entities require an understanding of local Iranian laws, the language and customs. Usually for many Iranian entities records are not readily available electronically. Our team has the expertise to assist you on this matter.

We deliver our clients with tailored reviews and due diligence assessments on individuals, companies, and markets. Our service ranges from examining the business profile, status, and trustworthiness of an entity to investigating industry-specific risks. We help clients gain vital - and often undisclosed - information in order to:
-    Identify potential risks and solutions with entering into a business relationship;
-    Gain reputational insight into practices of a company or individual;
-    Fulfill compliance requirements;
-    Enhance negotiating power;
-    Clearly understand the risks and trends of investing in a specific industry.

Market entry strategies:

Entering a new market is a complicated process and requires a clear understanding of local culture, behavior, language, and foreign business regulations and practices.

We provide market entry strategies to help our new client companies successfully establish and develop a presence in their desired market. With a team of professionals across various markets, we are positioned to help you gain and sustain a competitive position in your target market.

Market Research

-  Market feasibility studies;
-  Market overview and analysis;
-  Business opportunities identification;
-  Competitive intelligence;
-  Questionnaire design, execution and analysis;
-  Qualitative and quantitative research;
      o    In-depth interviews
      o    Focus groups
      o    Online surveys
      o    Mail surveys

Entry Strategy and Planning

-  Compliance with intenational sanctions and management;
-  Product strategy for localization;
-  Establishing business relations;
-  Partner sourcing (identifing, approaching, and joining);
     o    Distributors
     o    Suppliers
     o    Joint ventures
     o    Franchise and consortium partners
-  Contract negotiations;
-  Business and legal due diligence.

Branch Office/Subsidiary Set Up

-  Business formation;
-  Location set-up;
-  Interim management and hiring of staff.

Tailor-made research and reporting:

Our research and reporting service ranges from short-term projects to long-term analyses for institutions with ongoing exposure in a specific industry. Market research, valuations, industrial sector analyses, feasibility studies, financial analyses, capital market analyses, risk assessments, etc. are readily available to our clients. Our list of projects is fairly extensive from oil and gas, to basic materials, to automotive, to transportation, to trade, to healthcare, to financials, to minerals, and even agriculture, we have conducted research projects in numerous fields. This list of projects has enriched us with a wealth of knowledge and expertise that can be employed to assist you in understanding the Iranian milieu. Specific analyses, market research, and consulting on various subjects in the forms of special reports and consulting projects are available and listed below: 

  • Macro- and Micro-economy;
  • Government;
  • Stock and financial markets;
  • Banking industry;
  • Insurance industry;
  • Trade;
  • Construction;
  • Company profiles;
  • Infrastructure;
  • International sanctions;
  • Country risk;
  • Business risk;
  • Industry risk;
  • Legal environment and regulation, etc.
  • Education;
  • Various industrial sectors like, steel, oil and gas, clean energy, petrochemicals, automotive, healthcare, rail, real estate, telecom and IT, tourism, transport, etc;